Saturday, 28 January 2012

TIP 01

Friends this is 6 tips for control low blood pressure.
very important tips for control low blood pressure without use must do it, then you will do blood pressure test, you get good results. I mean control low blood pressure or normal. 

low blood pressure control with date fruits

date fruits

friends if you have normal sugar in the blood (no diabetes), you must take some date fruits for control of low blood pressure. Date is very energy and good for health so you must take  some date daily then test your blood pressure levels. You get good results.

TIP 02


This is very important think. Because we get good iron levels from fenugreek, so we must control low blood pressure.


TIP 03

Take glucose

Take glucose

If you have normal sugar levels in the blood, you must take one glass of glucose per day. It is help you to control low blood pressure.

TIP 04

Reduce your mental tension, worry, nervousness, anxiety, strain and apprehension.

Reduce this all things for control low blood pressure.


mental tensions


Meditation is very important tip for reduce tensions and worry's, anxiety.

TIP 05

Don’t waste your energy, take rest when you find to low blood pressure 

TIP 06

You must take more energy food without fats, and then very help you to control low blood pressure

very energy food without fat levels

good energy fruits

Thursday, 5 January 2012

low blood pressure Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms

The cardinal symptom of hypotension is lightheadedness or dizziness. If the blood pressure is sufficiently low, fainting and often seizures will occur.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure dizziness-woman

Low blood pressure is sometimes associated with certain symptoms, many of which are related to causes rather than effects of hypotension:

1. Chest pain

2. Shortness of breath

 3. Irregular heartbeat

4. Fever higher than 38.3 °C (101 °F)

 5. Headache

 6. Stiff neck

7. Severe upper back pain

 8. Cough with phlegm

9. Prolonged diarrhea or vomiting

 10. Dyspepsia

 11. Dysuria

 12. Foul-smelling urine

 13. Adverse effect of medications

 14. Acute, life-threatening allergic reaction

 15. Seizures

 16. Loss of consciousness

 17. Profound fatigue

18. Temporary blurring or loss of vision

 19. In some cases loss of hair

 20. Connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome